News on Eazy Ad Unblocker

Hello everyone!

A few months ago, I had launched a wordpress plugin called “Eazy Ad Unblocker”.  You can read about it from You can download it from
You can preview it at
Don’t forget to keep your adblocker on while browsing the preview URL.

The plugin notifies a user of a wordpress site if they are using
an adblocker.They are prompted to disable their adblocker or
whitelist the webmasters site in their adblocker settings. This helps
all those site owners whose paid advertising is being blocked by users
by installing adblocker extensions in their browsers.

Over the past few months, since its launch a few months ago, the plugin seems to be gaining some traction on the web.

Its number of active installations has crossed 100. At the time of writing, 1,714 people had downloaded it. The plugin has also found a mention at

Adventure WP describes the plugin as a “dead-simple plugin” which is “very lightweight and simple to set up”.

Furthermore, in their words “Eazy Ad Unblocker” actually provides “less customization while also providing more. but you do have full text input available for your title and main notice text. It also uses the regular
classic-style WordPress text editor so you can include nearly anything in
your anti-adblock notice–images, HTML, video, whatever TinyMCE
allows you to embed.”

On a critical note, they believe that the design of the popup dialog is “a bit dated”. That’s something that needs to be worked on I guess. Also they note, “You don’t have different anti-adblock methods, nor do you have color customization”.

Finally, they note that Eazy Ad Unblocker is an absolutely usable plugin, which does not lock a facility to dismiss the popup behind a pay wall!

Thank you Adventure WP guys!

Note: Please note that “Eazy Ad Unblocker” now has a popup refresh button. Whitelist the site in your adblocker or disable it and then click “Refresh” at the bottom of the popup dialog. The popup will go away.

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