Announcing EZee Copyright Protector

Hello again guys!

I wish to announce that I have released a new WordPress Plugin called ‘EZee Copyright Protector’.  You can find this plugin at the URL

What does the plugin do? Suppose you have a wordpress website where you have created original content painstakingly and published it. Ordinarily, there is nothing to prevent other webmasters from blatantly copying your content. So unless you have taken precautions to prevent it from happening,
you are in for a nasty shock, which is your content showing up on other sites without your permission.

The EZee Copyright Protector plugin prevents any person with malafide intentions from copying your content. This includes prevention of selection, copying, cutting, pasting, dragging and saving of your content.

On trying any of these operations, a modal popup is presented to the user.
This popup can only be dismissed by clicking the cross on the top right of the popup. The admin of the wordpress site can change the title and text of the copyright notice which appears as a modal popup. This plugin does not claim to support shortcodes from other plugins in its text editor field.

EZee Copyright Protector prevents copying and plagiarism of your original or copyrighted content. It works on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Opera browsers.

As a user of this plugin, you can change the title of the popup and add text, graphics, audio and video to the body of popup. Only HTML5 based video and audio is allowed. As for images, only formats compatible with wordpress are supported.

This plugin supports internationalization in the frontend as well as wp-admin screens. You can preview this plugin at
For more details, go to

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