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My latest eBook, entitled “Away From Home:  Two Stories”, features two original short stories that are about love, including filial love, death and closure. The main characters in both the stories find love away from home. The stories might tug at the reader’s heartstrings, but they are really intended to convey that ordinary persons can experience extraordinary feelings in the course of their respective journeys through the river of life and its numerous tributaries. The stories in the eBook are briefly described below.

An Ordinary Love Story:

Shankar, an Indian man, meets a Buddhist Chinese woman online and falls deeply in love with her. He travels all the way to Hong Kong to meet her in person after a virulent epidemic breaks out there. They meet each other. Eventually, the epidemic claims both of them.

Death of a Daughter:

Eklata, an attractive young lawyer, shifts base from Kolkata to Mumbai to work as an intellectual property consultant to a film production company. There, she meets a policeman who falls in love with her. Then, she is brutally murdered by a psychotic character. Her shell-shocked father meets her in a dream. After detailed investigations, aided by the victim’s policeman friend, the Mumbai police is finally successful in bringing the murderer to justice.

It is said that good love stories frequently end in tragedies. Do check out the eBook on if you are interested.

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