My Recent Paperback Of Short Stories

I recently published a paperback, entitled “Thereepooty And Other Stories” on Amazon. It is an anthology of seventeen short stories of different genres and moods. The different characters in these stories find themselves in different situations.

The different genres you will find in this book are science fiction, love and romance, horror, supernatural, humor, animal tales, etc. The stories are for readers of all ages.

To purchase the paperback, go to or the amazon site relevant to your country. Choose “Books” in the search bar and then search for “thereepooty” over there. If all goes well, you will see a listing for my paperback in the search results.

Or, alternatively go to

Users from countries other than the US can replace “” with the amazon site relevant to their own country such as “” for the United Kingdom in the above URL.

Hope you enjoy reading it.

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