New Book: A Boat on the Sea of Stories

boat front viewHi guys!

A belated Happy Diwali to all of you.

I am proud and happy to announce my latest endeavor, a book of short stories entitled “A Boat on the Sea of Stories”.

This collection of twelve delectable and highly imaginative tales covers a wide range of themes, ranging from the triumph of an underdog, to a life-changing friendship, to the study of a parasitic man, a sensitive portrayal of an elderly Muslim man, from science fiction mingled with humor or crime, to political intrigue and revenge, from a comedy of errors to Indian mythology retold, from a love of nature to a mystical encounter with a wolf, and finally a saga of rebirth and retribution. The factual science parts in the two science fiction stories are consistent with the latest scientific research.

Each of these original stories has a different flavor and taste. Various characters from different walks of life find themselves in unexpected situations. Together, they remind us that decent, sad, funny, inconsequential life goes on. And, humans do not exist by themselves alone; they are supported by numerous known and unknown living entities.

Each story stands out from the rest and is worth appreciating for itself. All the stories are written in an easy-to-read style. Both Paperback and eBook formats are available on

Do check it out if you are interested. I shall be obliged if you support my literary efforts. Your feedback as a review is always welcome!

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